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Cleaner Production has been adopted by the Government of the People's Republic of China as one of the prime tools in its fight against industrial pollution. This web site has been developed by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) which is the Commission responsible for the implementation of Cleaner Production. Prior to March 2003 this was the responsibility of the former State Economic and Trade Commission (SETC). Every effort has been made to make the information accurate but all information on the site or linked to by the site must be viewed in the context of the disclaimer.

The site is designed to provide information in English on Cleaner Production, on China's Cleaner Production policy and legislation, and on existing and planned activities to implement Cleaner Production in China. Information is included on other organizations in China responsible for various aspects of implementing cleaner production or combating pollution, on foreign donors and on projects with foreign financing.  The site includes case studies and audit reports carried out in factories in various sectors as well as profiles of factories implementing Cleaner Production. The site also provides links to English language sites of general interest in the field of Cleaner Production.

The site is designed to provide users in China with links to relevant international cleaner production web sites as well as to provide users in other countries with an introduction to the concept of cleaner production as well as comprehensive information on China's campaign to reduce pollution.

NDRC has developed a linked Chinese language site which focuses on assisting Chinese industry to implement cleaner production. To access that site click here.

On June 29, 2002, the National People's Congress approved  new and comprehensive cleaner production legislation, the Cleaner Production Promotion Law. This new law is the most significant of a number of initiatives the Chinese government has taken to establish Cleaner Production nationwide as one of China's key strategies for sustainable development. It is unprecedented, being the first national law in the world to establish Cleaner Production as a national policy, and to lay out a strategy for its promotion and implementation. This law became effective January 1, 2003. 

This site was originally developed as the project web site for the  CIDA financed Canada-China Cooperation Project in Cleaner Production.

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